Welcome Di Hu to the lab!

Di Hu has joined the neurogenomics lab this week! She did her PhD at the University of Oxford as a Clarendon Scholar in the laboratory of Professor Shankar Srinivas. There she investigated how transcription factor ETS2 may act as either an oncogene or tumour suppressor, using a combination of single-cell RNA-sequencing, FACS, high resolution fixed and live imaging, ex vivo pharmacological culture, and in vivo CRISPR genetics.

She then went on to pursue epigenetic research as a Postdoctoral Scientist in the laboratory of Professor Petra Hajkova at London Institute of Medical Sciences MRC. Her project involved uncovering molecular triggers for mouse germ cell epigenetic reprogramming using low-input RNA sequencing, FACS, mass spectrometry, embryonic stem cell derivation and directed differentiation, mathematical modelling, and bioinformatic approaches.

She’s now joined our lab to work towards her long-term goal of studying disease mechanisms of neurodegeneration. She’ll be investigating cell type specific epigenetic and molecular underpinnings of neurodegenerative disease as a joint Research Associate working with both Dr Nathan Skene and Dr Sarah Marzi.

Outside of science, she’s also a resident DJ who goes by the name ‘ clarity’! We’re really excited to have her with us.

Nathan Skene
Nathan Skene
Lecturer and UKDRI Group Leader

My research interests include human genetics, single cell -omics and neurobiology.