Open Positions

Open Positions

PhDs, Postdocs, Bioinformaticians and Technicians

UK Dementia Research Institute

Imperial College

Postdoctoral Researchers

We are looking to recruit talented researchers to join the lab. Currently, we are looking for postdocs in Epigenetics, Computational Biology, and Machine Learning.

Machine Learning Postdoc

The lab is likely to receive funding for a Machine Learning postdoc in late 2022/early 2023. If you’re a computational researcher with strong skills in Machine Learning, please contact Dr Nathan Skene or Dr Sarah Marzi to discuss this position.

Epigenetics Postdoc

We’re looking for someone that will be able to apply epigenetics methods to disassociated single cells and FACS sorted populations of nuclei. Wetlab experience working with genomic methods (e.g. DNA or RNA) is the primary criteria for this position. Experience working with post-mortem human brain would be beneficial but is not required.

Computational Biology Postdoc

Are you a computational researcher that cares about reproducible research and believes in the value of open-source code? Then get in touch about this position! The project will involve working with data generated from single cell RNA-seq, ATAC-seq or post-mortem human brain tissue. The focus will be on using the data to interpret the results of human genetics studies. Researchers with unconventional backgrounds would be welcome: if you’ve been working in mathematics, engineering or computer science and are looking to get into biology then do get in touch. Strong programming skills will be required.

Postdoctoral Fellowship Funding

We’re always happy to discuss applications for postdoctoral fellowships. A curated list of fellowships broken down by nationality of applicant and host is available here. The programmes which will be of interest to most people are:

Get in touch if you are interested in applying to one hosted by our lab.

PhD students

Sources for PhD funding

There are a number of sources for PhD scholarships at Imperial:

If you are interested in applying for these programmes then contact Nathan or Sarah to discuss your application.

Masters students

Get in touch about potential projects. We frequently take students from the MRes Experimental Neuroscience and MSc Translational Neuroscience programmes at Imperial College. We’re also happy to speak to students from programs at Imperial.

Whether you are at Imperial or not, if you have strong quantitative / computing skills then we will consider supervising remote projects: contact us if you wish to discuss potential projects.