Yi Yang

Yi Yang

Biomedical Sciences Project Student

UK Dementia Research Institute

Imperial College

I am undertaking a BSc in Medical Bioscience at Imperial College London. I was attracted to the field of neuroscience research during my years in Imperial. I took a 3-month internship in Professor Di Giovanni’s lab, where I used a series of molecular techniques, including immunofluorescence, FACS, and RNA-seq, to investigate the role of immune cells in regulating neuronal activities. Inspired by the power of multi-omics analysis, I came to Neurogenomics Lab to study epigenetic profiling. I am currently work with Dr Nathan Skene and Dr Jose Torres-Pérez and carrying out CUT&RUN analysis, aiming to assess the epigenome of microglia in humans, which would give us clues of the dysregulation in Alzheimer’s Disease.


  • BSc Biomedical Sciences, 2020

    Imperial College London