I am half-way through my Part-Time Genomic Medicine M.Sc. At Imperial College London.

Following a successful career in the Financial Markets Technology, I was looking to do something more interesting and fulfilling and have been fortunate enough to enrol on this Masters course. The learning curve has been especially steep for someone like me with a non-medicine or biology background, but it’s been highly stimulating so far. I have also enjoyed successfully completing a wet lab skills course at Imperial College to better understand where the data comes from.

Although my background is in technology, my bachelor’s degree (in Computer Systems) was back in the 80’s when things were very different. Aside from what I have picked up during my previous career, I have been independently getting up to speed with machine learning (ML) via a number of on-line courses. I am really looking forward to getting involved in the application of ML to Omics data in this Lab.

Away from science I enjoy playing guitar, skiing, golf, travel and socialising.