I’m a first year PhD student, supervised by Dr Mikhail Spivakov (MRC LMS) and co-supervised by Dr Nathan Skene (Imperial DRI). My PhD project focuses on using network approaches and single-cell multiomics to interpret disease-associated variation. My project is rooted in bioinformatics, utilising network methodologies and single-cell multiomics to investigate disease-associated variation. My academic foundation was laid with a BSc in Biomedical Sciences from Brunel University London, followed by an MSc in Pharmacology at King’s College London. These experiences solidified my interest in genomics, particularly in relation to pharmacological interventions. I firmly believe that a deep understanding of DNA and its intricacies is essential for the development of novel and more effective drugs. This belief drives my work as I aim to contribute to the ongoing exploration of genomics, particularly focusing on how genetic variation can inform our understanding of disease and guide therapeutic strategies.

  • MSc in Pharmacology

    King’s College London

  • BSc in Biomedical Sciences

    Brunel University London