My educational journey in the sciences began with a BSc in Genomics at the University of Bologna, where I immersed myself in the fields of genetics and bioinformatics. This foundation led me to pursue an MSc in Genomic Medicine at Imperial College London, an experience that allowed me to apply my knowledge within the context of disease research. It was during my MSc project, within the Skene Lab, that I worked on the development of the Targeted Insertion of Promoters Sequencing (TIP-seq), a novel method for epigenomic profiling. This project was not only pivotal for my academic growth but also for my transition into a PhD at the same lab.

Now, in my first year of PhD studies, I am focusing on a project titled “Testing for an enrichment of Alzheimer’s Disease associated genetic variants in neurons”. The goal of my current research is to uncover the relevant cell-types implicated in Alzheimer’s disease, utilising epigenomic data to navigate the complex landscape of neurodegenerative diseases.

Driven by a passion for understanding neurodegenerative diseases and equipped with a background in both wet-lab techniques and computational analysis, I am eager to contribute to groundbreaking research that has the potential to transform our understanding of these complex conditions.

Beyond academia, I am passionate about sports, enjoy spending time with family and friends, and love to travel, seeking new experiences and perspectives.

  • MSc Genomic Medicine, 2023

    Imperial College London

  • BSc Genomics, 2022

    University of Bologna