I graduated with a first-class honours in Medical Neuroscience from the University of Sussex and am now undertaking a master’s in Translational Neuroscience at Imperial College London.

I acquired valuable wet-lab skills during an internship as a junior research associate, I then applied those skills during my final-year bachelor’s project where I investigated the pathological role of tau on the nucleus and nucleolus. I analysed my data using python, gaining an interest in bioinformatics. I presented my findings at national and international conferences and at the UK parliament.

During my master’s degree I undertook the computational stream which included modules such as “Computational Methods for Neuroscience” and “Machine Learning”, becoming fluent in multiple programming languages such as R, Python and Matlab. Throughout my studies I noticed the lack of understanding for neurological disorders, I am thus motivated by the potential of uncovering the basis of these disorders, starting at the genomic and transcriptomic levels.

My master’s project at the Skene Lab aims to develop a novel high-throughput technique for single-cell epigenomic profiling, known as single-cell targeted insertion of promoters sequencing (scTIP-seq), while integrating semi-permeable capsule (SPC) technology.

  • MSc Translational Neuroscience, 2024

    Imperial College London

  • BSc Medical Neuroscience, 2023

    University of Sussex