Ying Tang

Ying Tang

Ying was a visiting Masters Student studying Human Molecular Genetics at Imperial College London.

Imperial College London

UK Dementia Research Institute

Department of Brain Sciences

I am a current master student in Human Molecular Genetics at Imperial College London. My undergraduate degree was in the combined honours of Bioscience and Psychology at Durham University. During my undergraduate, I worked as a research assistant for Durham Reading and Exploration (DREX) programme. I completed an internship at Fulgent Genetics Inc. in China, performing mainly Next Generation Sequencing and bioinformatics analysis for genomics and transcriptomics data. My current research interest is in the development of sequencing techniques for studying post-mortem human brain with Alzheimer’s.

  • MSc Human Molecular Genetics, 2021

    Imperial College

  • BSc Biosciences and Psychology within the Natural Science Programme, 2020

    University of Durham