Shashank Tiwari

Shashank Tiwari

Shashank was a visting Masters Student from the UM-DAE Center for Excellence in Basic Sciences (Mumbai, India).

Imperial College London

UK Dementia Research Institute

Department of Brain Sciences

I am currently pursuing my Masters degree in mathematics at UM-DAE Center for excellence in basic sciences, Mumbai. Previously, I worked in the field of reinforcement learning, with a goal to develop chemical reaction networks that can perform complex tasks and mimic their natural counterparts. During this time I developed a love for working in interdisciplinary science where I am able to interact and learn from people who come from different scientific backgrounds. 

Currently as a part of my thesis I am working under the guidance of Prof. Nathan Skene. Our work aims to look at the RNA-DNA interactions and try to understand the importance of such interactions. To do this we will be using RADICL-seq data, with the aim of finding significant interactions using statistical methods. Apart from this, I like to spend time making and listening to music.

  • MSc in Mathematics, 2021

    UM-DAE Centre for Excellence in Basic Sciences