Through my BSc study in Biochemistry, my interest in genomics study had greatly deepened and this led me to pursue my career in the field of genomics. After graduation, I went on to study MSc Forensic Science at King’s College London, where I learnt how these different genomics techniques and knowledge can be applied to solve various forensic problems.

Before joining the lab, I worked in the Genomics Core of the Centre for PanorOmic Sciences at the University of Hong Kong for over four years. To take a step further and progress my career, I relocated to London and joined Dr Nathan Skene’s group as a Research Assistant. My current work in the group focuses on method development that aims at improving our understanding on the epigenetics and neurobiology of different brain disorders.

  • MSc Forensic Science, 2017

    King's College London

  • BSc Biochemistry, 2016

    University of Hong Kong