I am currently a master’s student in Applied Genomics at Imperial College London, where I specialize in integrating advanced genomic technologies to explore and understand complex biological phenomena. I earned my bachelor’s degree in Clinical Laboratory Sciences from King Saud University, graduating with second-class honors. During my undergraduate studies, I developed a solid foundation in molecular genetics and stem cell therapy, which has shaped my approach to scientific research.

My professional journey has included two years of hands-on clinical experience, during which I focused on molecular diagnostics and participated in research programs aimed at enhancing scientific methodologies and improving patient outcomes. My current research project focuses on the use of TIP-seq for multi-target epigenetic profiling of histone marks in neurodegenerative diseases. This advanced technique allows for a detailed examination of the epigenetic mechanisms that regulate gene expression, particularly how histone modifications influence disease progression and therapeutic responses. By exploring these regulatory mechanisms, my work aims to uncover new insights into the pathogenesis of neurodegenerative diseases and to identify potential epigenetic targets for novel therapeutic approaches.

I am deeply committed to advancing the field of genomics and applying my knowledge to address significant health challenges as I am dedicated to making meaningful contributions to medical science and improving health outcomes worldwide.

  • MSc Applied Genomics, 2024

    Imperial College London

  • BSc Clinical Laboratory Sciences, 2020

    King Saud University